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Kids Gardening Tool 3-Piece


A mini gardening planting toolset of three, including a hand shovel, a transparent shovel, and a cultivator hand rake, can assist in planting, transplanting, weeding, ventilation, loosening the soil, and fertilization. Small size, not only can meet the gardening work can also lead children to experience the fun of gardening.

Why You'll Love It:

High Quality
Composed of safe and high-quality stainless steel and smooth hardwood. It is not only strong, reliable, and durable, but the wooden handle is also non-slip. Perfect for planter work and small or indoor plant requirements.

Parent-Child Interaction
The cute size is perfect for children to start gardening and experience the fun of nature. Parents and children can interact together and help each other to complete the transfer and planting of potted plants, exercising children's hands-on skills. It is one of the best teaching tools for children.

What's Included:

  • 1 Hand Shovel: 17cm x 3.3cm
  • 1 Transparent Shovel: 16.5cm x 4.5cm 
  • 1 Cultivator Hand Rake: 14cm x 4.5cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Annaliza M
Soo small

I also didnt read any of the reviews or sizes. They are so small. Perfect for my indoor plants!

Great for price

These tools work fantastic for potted plants as they are small and make it easy to work with these type of plants

Small gardening tools

These are perfect for the small spaces between iris and roses and annuals, to how and get rid of weeds. Standard tools would damage the iris.

Good Size for Small Potted Plants

These are a perfect size for potted plants. I bought them to use as props for an object lesson for kids camp.

Tools are small

They are ok, but they are very small. I have a elevated garden so it works ok.

Creates an Invaluable

Connection to Nature

We want children and adults to enjoy the closeness of nature and find a relaxing refuge in their connection to Mother Earth. With our Seeds and Easy Grow Kits everyone can be a gardening enthusiast.

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