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Gardening Watering Can Set (2 Colors)


Lovely shades, and looks. Available in two different colors, the gardening water cans can be used not only to water your garden and bring life and lushness to your plants but also to add a finishing touch to your indoor and outdoor designs.

Why You'll Love It

High Quality
800ml Watering capacity is the best size for indoor or outdoor plants. High-quality plastic material, watering can with thick walls, resistant to drops and pressure, resistant to aging and breakage. Reasonably designed handle, easy to use for both adults and children.

Easy Control of Water Flow
The watering nozzles are easy to water and the water flow is balanced to irrigate the plants evenly. Moreover, the watering nozzles are removable for more flexibility and perfect control and management of watering water flow. Choose between a gentle shower or a more concentrated water flow.

Practical and Decorative
High-quality water cans not only water your plants and encourage them to thrive. The good-looking, bright colors and appearance also become a decorative accent to the house and garden.

What's Included:

  • 2 Gardening Water Cans: 800ml each

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews

I did not realize these cans are child sized. Love their colors.

Cute & compact

Actually bought this for my toddler to help water while I use the big can. Works well. Seems quality. Cute

It is a good little watering can

I like the size of this, but it does require re-filling it to get all the pots. Watch when you tip it to water pots. The first time I used it the water went on the floor.

Love them!

My husband suggested I purchase this to help keep our plants alive.It's amazing how much more I am willing to water our plants now that I have two cute watering cans. Haha! :)

Super cute

These are great and work really well, no rough edges! I got them for my one year old granddaughter who likes to help me water potted plants on the deck. I love the yellow one because my adult one is yellow!

Creates an Invaluable

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