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You're excited about growing fresh produce - after all, what could be better than sun-warmed, juicy tomatoes, fresh green mint and lovely daisies swaying in the wind?

If you're worried about the first steps to becoming a home gardener, Terry will help you, whether you're planting an in-ground garden, a raised bed, or a container garden. Our seeds are provided to you free of charge. Or if you're no longer a novice, you're more than welcome to grow delicious, cute plants. Seeds don't care about spring, summer, fall, or winter, they always germinate and grow as they can at any time of year, as long as the temperature is right. Let's grow up together, SeedPlanter!

Terry helps you become a SeedPlanter here: share the link of the SeedPlanter page on Facebook, Pinterest hashtag @LushandDew #IAmASeedPlanter, and we'll send you a free seed pack from the SeedPlanter list at your address. 



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Free Seeds

We'll send you a free seed pack

Random Free Seeds - Cherry tomato, Mint, Daisy

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