Membership Rewards

Become a member to earn points & get the exclusive offers

How It Works?

What's the Membership Level?

Membership reward is our loyalty program, there are different levels for member-only benefits.

We'll offer different benefits depending on the level, such as exclusive discounts or increased free points in special campaigns or festiveals.

Lv1. Sprout

Spend over $1

Lv2. Bud

Spend $200-$300

Lv3. Grower

Spend $300-$500

Lv4. Green Thumb

Spend over $500

How to Earn Points?

To earn points and redeem rewards, click the plugin 'Rewards' on the left. Log in to your account to see the full information.

How to Use the Points?

By earning points for your efforts, you can redeem points for different discounts to use at checkout.

Free Shipping

50 Points

$10 Off

200 Points

$15 Off

250 Points

$30 Off

400 Points

$45 Off

550 Points

$100 Off

1000 Points

Give $10, Get $10

Give your friends $10 off over $20. When your friends buy from your invite link, you get a $10 discount for any products.