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Monthly Seed Subscription

Unlock the Magic of Nature Every Month

Ready to embark on a journey of blooming gardens and lush greenery? Look no further than our monthly seed subscription! Each month, you'll receive a hand-picked selection of 5 premium seed packets, tailored to thrive in your specific USDA zone. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, our subscription is designed to bring joy, excitement, and beauty to your garden all year round.

Join us as we cultivate beauty, sow your seeds and watch your garden come to life with vibrant colors and delicious produce!

How It Works?


Select your USDA planting zone and subscription plan.


Fill out your shipping information and place the initial subscription order.


Sit Back and Relax - Receive a curated selection of 5 premium seed packets tailored to thrive in your specific zone.


Pay As You Go - You will receive a payment request on the 5th of each subsequent month (not automatically charged).

Expert Picks

High quality seeds are carefully selected for optimal growth and performance.

Tailored to Your Zone

Maximize your gardening success and enjoyment by planting seeds designed to thrive in your planting zone.


Say goodbye to tedious seed shopping - we deliver quality seeds directly to your doorstep, ready to sow and grow.


Join our thriving community of fellow gardeners to share experiences, tips and inspiration.

Hear From Our Happy Gardeners

The variety of seeds and the personalized recommendations based on my USDA Zone have made all the difference. This keeps my garden interesting and vibrant.
Jane S.
I love how convenient this subscription is. Each month, I get a surprise selection of seeds that are perfect for my zone. It's like a gardener's Christmas!
Dan H.
Being a beginner gardener, this service has been a lifesaver. Thank you!
Mark T.
I have been a subscriber for six months and I am constantly amazed by the quality and variety of seeds I receive. My garden has never looked better :)
Sarah G.
I love that these seeds are customized for my zone. It takes the guesswork out of gardening!
John D.

About USDA Zones

The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map divides North America into 11 distinct planting zones based on average annual minimum winter temperatures. This helps gardeners determine which plants are likely to thrive in their area.

How to Determine Your Zone?

Visit the USDA Website

Go to the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map webpage. Click Here

Enter Your Zip Code

Use the interactive map or enter your zip code to determine your zone.

Identify Your Zone

Your zone will be indicated on the map, helping you select the right plants for your area.

Ready to Transform Your Garden?

Join now and watch our carefully selected seeds make your garden thrive!

For questions about the monthly seed subscription, please contact us or email support@lushanddew.com.