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How to customize your own seed bank?

Create a personalized seed bank according to your needs. We offer the option of 16 varieties & 32 varieties, follow the steps below to customize your own! If you have other needs that are not listed in the form, you can contact us at support@lushanddew.com, and we will provide you with a solution based on your needs.

Attention: Due to high volume, since this is a customized service, your order will be shipped within 2-3 weeks!

Fill out the Form

Please fill out the "Seed Bank Customization Form" to select the number and variety of seeds you would like to receive from the seed bank.

Purchase the Service

After filling out the form, please purchase the "Seed Bank Customization Service" and we will prepare a seed bank for you based on the form you fill out.

Get Your Own Seed Bank

We will prepare it for you as soon as possible, please be patient as this is a customized service, and it will be shipped within 2-3 weeks.

Seed List

The planting zones for the seed lists provided are for reference only.

Personalize yours today to fit your needs

An unlabeled planting zone does not mean that the plant cannot be grown; you will need to do additional research to learn about local planting guidelines as well as pre-planting preparations.

The following seeds are only a partial display, please see "Seed Customization Form" for a complete list of the seeds we offer. (You can fill out the form more than once, depending on the number of purchases)


Tomato Collection

Pepper Collection



Sunflower Collection



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