All-in-One Insect & Bug Repellent Seed Bank - 16 Organic Seed Varieties


All-in-one Insect & Bug Repellent Seed Bank - Discover the secret to a pest-free and thriving garden. This comprehensive collection contains 16 bug-repellent seeds carefully selected to protect and enhance your gardening experience. Embrace the natural power of insect-repelling plants and keep pesky intruders at bay while nurturing a lush, healthy garden sanctuary.

Why You'll Love It:

Integrated and Natural Pest Control
The Insect & Bug Repellent Seed Bank allows you to protect your garden in a natural way, promoting a balanced ecosystem that encourages beneficial insects while deterring harmful ones. It offers a diverse selection of repellent seeds to keep your garden safe from a variety of common pests such as mosquitoes, flies, aphids, and beetles. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and embrace the power of nature.

Versatility and Adaptability
Take advantage of the flexibility of the Insect & Bug Repellent Seed Bank, ideal for gardeners of all experience levels. Clearly labeled seed containers and a comprehensive planting guide make it easy for anyone to start their gardening journey. Whether you're an experienced gardener or a budding enthusiast, these handpicked seeds all give you the power to grow a thriving garden. Plus, the bug-repellent seeds adapt easily to any gardening setting, from the cozy balcony garden to the sprawling backyard. Experience the joy of pest-free gardening without space limitations.

Reusable and Sustainable
The wooden seed storage boxes and inner acrylic containers are crafted from high-quality materials that can be reused season after season. Not only will these containers protect your seeds from moisture and pests, but they will also allow you to refill and preserve seeds for future growing seasons - say goodbye to single-use packaging. By investing in this kit, you will reduce waste and contribute to a greener planet.

What's Included:

  • 1 Wooden Seed Storage Box (Two colors of storage box sent randomly)
  • 16 Acrylic Seed Containers (Inner Box)
  • 16 Organic Seed Varieties, as follows:
- Basil, Borage, Calendula, Catmint
- Chives, Dill, Mint, Onion Red
- Oregano, Parsley, Radish White, Sage
- Thyme, Wormwood, Marigold, Lavender

Customer Reviews

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Emily M.
Always Happy

Great prices, always fast shipping, and quality product.

Great selection

The small wooden box the seeds came in puts this product at a different level (especially as a gift). I can't speak to the quality of the seeds,but I have no doubt I will have a lot of success with the accompanying seeds.

Looking forward to planting

Nothing to add at this point, until I try them.

Great selection

Super happy with seed selection

I'm impressed

Looks great! Well packaged and great variety of seeds! Totally exceeded my expectations, a perfect addition to my seed collection!

Creates an Invaluable

Connection to Nature

We want children and adults to enjoy the closeness of nature and find a relaxing refuge in their connection to Mother Earth. With our Seeds and Easy Grow Kits everyone can be a gardening enthusiast.

Build Your Own Seed Bank

Create a personalized seed bank according to your needs. We offer the option of 16 varieties & 32 varieties, follow the steps below to customize your own!

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