Deer Resistant Bulb Mix - 5 Flower Bulb Varieties


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Deer Resistant Bulb Mix - Escape the frustration of deer-ravaged gardens and cultivate a sanctuary. This thoughtfully curated collection includes ranunculus, gladioli, daffodils, hyacinths, and lilies, all harmoniously blended together to not only add beauty to your garden but also ward off hungry deer. Say goodbye to deer-induced gardening woes and hello to a stunning, resilient garden.

Why You'll Love It:

Garden Harmony
Tired of deer turning your garden into their personal buffet? The Deer Resistant Bulb Mix is your solution. Even the hungriest deer will think twice before nibbling on these bulbs. While no plants are completely deer-proof, this collection offers a line of defense, discouraging our four-legged friends from turning your floral haven into a snack bar.

Beautiful and Browsed-Free
Adorn your outdoor space with stunning blooms that won't attract unwanted attention from deer. Revel in the beauty of ranunculus' intricate petals, the majestic stature of gladiolus, and the fragrant allure of daffodils, knowing they're a feast for the eyes, not the deer.

Low-Maintenance Defense
Gardening shouldn't be a battle. Not only do these deer-resistant bulbs add an added layer of protection, they require minimal maintenance. Enjoy the beauty of your garden without the constant worry of deer damage and make sure your flowers stand proud – it's your garden, undisturbed.

What's Included:

  • 3 Lily Bulbs - Mixed
  • 3 Daffodil Bulbs - White
  • 3 Hyacinth Bulbs - Mixed
  • 5 Gladiolus Bulbs - Mixed
  • 6 Ranunculus Bulbs - Mixed

What You Need To Know:

- About Lily

- About Daffodils

- About Hyacinth

- About Gladiolus

- About Ranunculus

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