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Year-Round USDA Zone 5 Seed Bank - 32 Organic Seed Varieties


Year-Round USDA Zone 5 Seed Bank - Dive into the vibrant and diverse world of USDA Zone 5 gardening. This collection is carefully selected with 32 seed varieties, covering vegetables, herbs and fruits, exploring the diversity of gardening and cultivating a lush and resilient garden.

Why You'll Love It:

Variety of Flavors
Enhance your culinary creations with a wide array of flavors. Whether you're a vegetable lover or a culinary explorer, our seed bank offers a comprehensive selection. From the crunch of lettuce to the spicy kick of arugula to colorful cherry tomatoes, transform your kitchen into a gourmet haven.

Gardening Made Easy
No need for complicated gardening strategies. Designed to simplify the gardening process, our seed bank provides seeds that are easy to sow, grow, and harvest, ensuring a stress-free gardening experience. With varieties to suit every season, your garden will become a year-round adventure, with each month bringing new growth, color and edible pleasure.

What You Need To Know:

USDA Zone 5 is a gardening zone covering various regions of the United States known for its mild climate and distinctive seasons. It covers parts of the Midwest, Northeast, and a portion of the Rocky Mountains. One of the defining features of Zone 5 is the presence of four distinct seasons. From snowy winters to sunny summers, each season offers a unique landscape for gardeners to explore.

The average winter minimum temperature ranges from -20°F to -10°F (-29°C to -23°C). Winters in Zone 5 can be cold, with temperatures dropping well below freezing. This cold period is essential for the dormancy of certain plants and the germination of others in spring. Summers are generally warm, providing optimal conditions for a wide variety of plants to thrive. Plus, the cold winters in Zone 5 create opportunities to successfully grow a variety of perennials, including those that require a dormant period.

What's Included:

  • 1 Wooden Seed Storage Box (Two colors of storage box sent randomly)
  • 32 Acrylic Seed Containers (Inner Box)
  • 32 Organic Seed Varieties, as follows:
- Hydroponic Greens: Arugula, Chives, Spinach, Kale
- Organic Fruits: Cherry, Mulberry, Grape, Strawberry
- Fresh Lettuces: Iceberg Lettuce, New Red Fire Lettuce, Batavia Lettuce, Butterhead Lettuce
- Culinary Herbs: Cilantro, Parsley, Mint, Sage
- Legumes: Green Pea, Mung Bean, Blue Lake Bean, Adzuki Bean
- Root Crops: Radish White, Carrot, Onion, Beet
- Microgreens: Cauliflower, Broccoli, Cucumber, Squash 'Zucchini'
- Tomatoes: 'Juliet', 'Red Cherry', 'Black Cherry', 'Yellow Pear'

Customer Reviews

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Steve W.

looks good

Susan G

My friends were very excited and loved it. They expressed they had never seen anything like this before, and thought it was the perfect gift!

Creates an Invaluable

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We want children and adults to enjoy the closeness of nature and find a relaxing refuge in their connection to Mother Earth. With our Seeds and Easy Grow Kits everyone can be a gardening enthusiast.

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