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Year-Round USDA Zone 3 Seed Bank - 32 Organic Seed Varieties


Year-Round USDA Zone 3 Seed Bank - Make your garden a resilient haven from frosty winters. Crafted from 32 organic seed varieties that thrive in the cool embrace of Zone 3. From the crisp crunch of fresh peas to the rich flavor of tomatoes, this seed bank is your guide to a northern garden that can withstand the cold all year round.

Why You'll Love It:

Tailored for USDA Zone 3 and Diverse Selection
Tailored for the unique climate of USDA Zone 3, this seed bank offers 32 organic seed varieties carefully selected to create a garden that is both diverse and resilient. Each variety, from cabbage to carrot, is chosen for its ability to withstand cooler temperatures and thrive, ensuring a fruitful garden even in the face of chilly weather.

Abundant Winter Greens
Zone 3 doesn't mean compromising on fresh vegetables. The seed bank offers a variety of options to add flavor and nutrition to your cooking creations. Indulge in a growing harvest of nutrient-dense greens like kale, lettuce, and spinach, allowing your salads and dishes to showcase their homegrown goodness even in the depths of winter.

Organized and Reusable
Each seed variety is carefully nestled in its acrylic box, ensuring freshness and organization. Concentrated within a sturdy wooden box, seeds enjoy double protection against the elements. And an added bonus - not only are these boxes protective, they are also reusable, adding a touch of sustainability to your gardening journey.

What You Need To Know:

USDA Zone 3 is a gardening zone known for its frigid winters and relatively short growing season. It spans the northern United States and includes Minnesota, North Dakota, and parts of Montana. Characterized by frigid temperatures and snowy landscapes, Zone 3 presents unique challenges for gardeners. However, it also offers the opportunity to cultivate hardy, resilient plants that can withstand the winter chill.

Zone 3 experiences extremely cold temperatures, with winter lows often dropping to -30°F to -40°F (-34°C to -40°C). The growing season in Zone 3 is relatively brief, typically from late spring to early fall. Gardeners must take full advantage of this window to plant, cultivate, and harvest. Zone 3 is characterized by long, harsh winters with abundant snowfall. The ground may remain frozen for an extended period, creating gardening challenges.

What's Included:

  • 1 Wooden Seed Storage Box (Two colors of storage box sent randomly)
  • 32 Acrylic Seed Containers (Inner Box)
  • 32 Seed Varieties, as follows:
- Legumes: Green Pea, Mung Bean, Blue Lake Bean, Adzuki Bean
- Cold-hardy Veggies: Spinach, Cabbage, Cucumber, Broccoli
- Root Crop: Radish White, Carrot, Onion, Beet
- Leaf Greens: Arugula, Kale. Lettuce, Spinach
- Tomatoes: 'Juliet',  'Red Cherry', 'Black Cherry', 'Yellow Pear'
- Windowsill Herbs: Dill, Chervil, Catnip, Lavender
- Organic Fruits: Watermelon, Fig, Kiwi, Strawberry
- Multicolor Sunflower: 'Sunny Smile', 'Early Black Heart', 'Red Sun', 'Autumn Beauty'

Customer Reviews

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Christine L.

Came quickly have to wait and see how they produce

Davis F
Good product

It's a gift, the person who receives it likes it very much. Thank you!

Love it

I'm looking forward to planting and harvesting.

Creates an Invaluable

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