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March Event - Give the Earth a Green

March Event - Give the Earth a Green

The event has ended on March 21, 2023.

We would like to thank you for all the comments you have left on the LUSH & DEW website. We were inspired by the comments and received some ideas that we hadn't thought of before. We have selected some of these hundred comments to put on our website and hope that together we will continue to bring 'Green' and new 'Green' to the earth. To protect the earth is to protect ourselves. Go Green!

International Day of Forest, celebrated every year on March 21st. Roosevelt called them the "Lungs of the Earth" and forests purify water, clean the air and provide an abundance of oxygen and are an important part of who we are.

LUSH & DEW's mission is to engage and help more people to get involved in planting and living and eating healthy and happy together. This event is all about sharing your green, telling your green experiences with everyone. We will inspire and infect more people to give the earth and the forest a green!



Featured Comments:

LaVeda K.
Come Watch Me Grow

I grow to help others! I use my front yard as a garden. I encourage Veterans to grow because it's a calming agent for those of us who suffers from PTSD, I teach little kids in daycare and elementary school to grow and eat from the garden and also ensure that my senior Mothers at church get fresh produce. 

Alexa K.

My fiancé and I have started our container garden! We live in a state park so we can’t plant in the ground, but we are doing our best to grow our own food & plant flowers for the bees and butterflies. ❤️

Jennifer K.

This past fall we opted not to rake the leaves and instead left them where they lay to help the soil, bugs, and other small critters that thrive in natural settings.

Vicki N.
Growing Nutrition

My husband and I moved from a desert-like area where we couldn't grow much to an area with rich soil. We are looking forward to growing tomatoes, herbs, and other foods. Can't wait to start a garden in our new home and fill the soil and our bodies with fresh foods.

Sara E.
Family Gardening!

My son began his own garden a few years ago, and it has expanded every year! This year he plans to include some exotic chili peppers. We can’t wait for spring!

James L.
Planting Trees

We have been slowly adding trees to our big backyard. When we moved into our house there was not even one plant on our property.

Melanie G.
Growing to Beautify Earth

I started a gardening group, out of my love of plants. In my group we share the love for planting. We share our experiences and learn together. We practice our love for gardening with kindness and a place people can share and have fun. We encourage each other and we help spread the love of planting both vegetables & flowers.

Ying L.
Picking up trash

We take trash pickers in our walks and spend 5 min once we reach a park to see who can fill their bags the mostest. Fun and get others at the park to participate too. Kids know when I’m around to be able to borrow the pickers to pick up trash and do their 5 min as long as they return them so we have them to use the next time.

Caitlin P.

Volunteer for cleanups in your community. Every little bit of time that you can give for cleanups helps!

Kim H.
As little waste as possible

Not only do we recycle but we composte too. We also reuse boxes and donate are egg cartons to people that raise chickens so they can reuse the egg cartons.

April B.
New gardener

I planted a few things in containers last season but my goal this year is to expand. I'm a mom & wife who's getting my family involved in my new found love of gardening. Organic vegetable gardening & I'll also be planting lots of beautiful flowers/pollinators this year.

Pat Y.
Ahead of the times

37 years ago we built our house in North Texas and took our cue from my grandfather, a longtime truck farmer in Texas, We used modified xeriscapy and native and drought tolerant tree, plants and flowers.

Alexis A.
Sustainability Leader

I’m currently my classes sustainability leader at my college (there’s one for each class). We get to begin the initiative on making our college more sustainable and also the opportunity to renovate a house completely sustainably. We’ve started donation drives on move-out day, are currently looking at our school’s energy resources to devise a plan on how to make them more environmentally friendly, etc.

Jean D.
Keeping it Real

We recycle everything we can. We also up-cycle using everything from glass jars to egg cartons (we start our seeds in the cartons, then cut each individual slot that holds an single seedling and plant it - the egg carton breaks down in the ground). We also try to use as many eco-friendly products as possible. Pack our lunches using glass containers or at times Tupperware - always something re-usable. No more plastic straws.

Madonna M.
Telling Your Green

We try to unplug what we don't use, recycle what we can and also compost what food waste we have into our small garden. It's not easy being green like Kermit the Frog once said but, it's far more important that we try to take on the small individual changes we each are able to.

Jennifer H.

I want to start gardening with friends and maybe open up a community garden some day ☀️ the best way for me to learn is through experience.

Luciana B.
Grow my own garden

I am so into gardening, this year my focus is on Growing my own garden of herbs and veggies and hopefullysome fruit, and also a butterfly and bee garden. I plan on doing a compost bin too. Oh And purchasing more from local farmers. I'm really excited, my Grandfather had a garden and many fruit trees, he passed, but I have memories of him pulling off a fruit and wiping it off on his shirt and cutting it up for us. Good times.

Beth B.
Gardening with the Grandkids

I spend quality time in the garden with my Grandsons so they understand the supermarket isn't the only place to get fruits veggies & herbs. We enjoy planting, caring for and harvesting food grown right in our yard!

Maya R.
Make it green

I strive to reduce my environmental impact by making my lifestyle sustainable. I source local, organic food to reduce emissions from transportation. I use low-flow showerheads, which reduce the amount of water used and energy needed to heat it. I walk or bike to places close by, or take public transportation to reduce pollution from cars. When I buy products, I prefer those with minimal or no plastic packaging. I also recycle or re-purpose items when possible. I strive to be conscious of my behavior and the way it may impact the earth. I want to give the earth cleaner air, water, and land. I want to support sustainable development and practices that protect the environment, so that future generations can enjoy a healthy and prosperous planet. I want to reduce waste and increase energy efficiency, while exploring solutions to climate change and other environmental challenges. Finally, I want to plant more trees and restore ecosystems, so that wildlife can thrive and people can reconnect to nature.

Abraham L.
We are green

My household is very green. We always make it a point to cut down on water use, electricity use and always recycle and reuse. I have so many things that i've built or put together to reuse from other household items. I just recently started getting into gardening and love it. I've planted watermelons, tomatoes, carrots lettuce and a few others that I can now grow on my own!

Bobbye P.
Recyle, Conserve & Create

For years I have been trying to think about our planet. I recycle boxes, ink cartridges & cell phones. It really only starts at that point. Moving to West Texas 12 years ago taught me that clean water is a problem everywhere, not just other countries. I conserve water as much as possible. Conserving electricity has also become a real problem in Texas, so I only use LED lights and only keep them on in the room I am in. Small changes, but I do encourage others to do the same whenever possible. Now we are face with food shortages here and there, so I have decided to create a garden. It will be nice to have juicy tomatoes and fresh veggies. If we all create new habits and pass them along to our children and their children, the hope is that we will see positive changes in our towns & country.

Marsha K.
No more lawn

I have yet to mow my lawn (I live in southeast Texas so lots of my neighbors have mowed all month) so that the butterflies and bees can feed on the wildflowers. I'm gradually making my beds bigger and bigger and filled with native plants so I don't waste water on grass.

Jessica C.
Reduce Reuse Recycle

My wife and I only use metal straws and also always bring reusable bags to go grocery shopping - we keep them in the trunk of our car so we never forget at the store! And we wash out all of our recyclables and try to be mindful of recycling everything we can.

Laura K.
Mindfulness while hiking

When I go hiking in the Adirondacks, I pick up trash that I find on the trail, from those who aren't mindful of how fragile our environment is, and I also avoid stepping off the trail so as to not hurt the plants and grasses that grow.

Isabel R.
Always Looking

We should always be looking for new ways to be greener. I'm starting my first urban garden and hoping to grow enough veggies to share with neighbors.

Alexis A.

I’ve always donated my clothes when I am done with them and recently started thrifting as to keep reusing clothing rather than creating a higher demand.

Carrie L.
Keeping it Green

My family uses energy efficient lightbulbs and appliances. We also buy from thrift stores and reuse many items like containers that hold my coffee and make them into containers to hold other items.

Theresa J.
Before it was cool

I'm 65 yrs old & learned from my parents...dad had a garden that was half our yard along with an outdoor fire place so what he couldn't burn went back into the ground and since ''free'' garbage pick-up was only maybe 4x a year they washed all the glass & metal & put it in tubs out behind the garden shed...Mom was a true homemaker, sewed everything, we never ate out (used & saved everything from the garden & fruit trees) she even saved rinse water in the huge wash tubs for the next wash load or the garden and my brothers & I all had chores, indoors & outdoor.

Sandra O.
Learning to Growing food

Last year we started our garden to grow our own food. We are mindful of what we put into the ground and are using more natural ways to repel pests. First harvest was small and very good and now look forward to expanding and doing more this year. Last year was first time with raised garden beds and used recycled wood from the development.

Teresa H.
Spring Cleaning of Evasive Plants

Every late Spring, my family members visit each others' properties to rid our yards of invasive plant species. We bond and do something good for the environment at the same time.

Joan G.

My green is to recycle everything I possibly can from my kitchen to put back into the earth, into my garden and cut down on wste that goes into landfills.

Hailey S.
A greener earth is a happier earth

Every spring I spread native wild flowers in bare areas and in my local cities. Beautiful flowers have already spouted over the years and we have happy bees ☺️I've also taken time to assist in removing invasive species to further protect our planet. ❤️

Julie F.
The little things!

Short showers, turning off unnecessary lights and electronic equipment, recycling everything possible, and avoiding plastics are some of the little things that I hope will make a difference on Earth.

Dave M.
Yard/Garage sales

I want to rid the earth of unwanted leftover yard sale items, by visiting one yard sale at a time and offering to take anything that doesn't sell, by doing this we can reuse, resell recycle and donate to those in need keeping unwanted yard sale items and leftovers out of the landfills helping to keep the earth green.

Lisa W.
Trees, plants and vegetables

We are working to change the landscaping in our yard to better fit our environment, help reduce the usage of natural resources, provide pollen and provide vegetables for our family to use in cooking. Living in a neighborhood limits what we can do, but I am looking forward to growing as many of my own herbs and vegetables as I can.

Kaley K.
How to be ‘Green’ in college

As a student it can sometimes be hard to be “green” but I grow my own fruits and vegetables in my house yard and do trades with my friends! I will do chores for them in exchange for fresh meat or eggs from their own family farms and etc!

Crystal F.
Harbor Arbor

Arbor Day was founded in Nebraska. As a state employee, we were given Arbor Day as Holiday paid day. Every year, I planted a tree and continue to take photos each year as they grow. I look forward to seeing the beauty they grow into and co to use the celebration and contribute to a beautiful green earth for our futures.

Renee S.
A Bumper Crop

We love to grow fruits and vegetables. This last crop of oranges was our best - so plentiful, juicy, and tasty. We had oranges coming out our ears, so we shared with neighbors, friends, and coworkers.

Brandy C.
Green is a Go!

One of the simplest ways to GO GREEN & reduce energy consumption is to switch lights off when you leave a room. If it’s sunny outside open up the blinds and make the most of natural light instead.

Ashley J.
Cheers to Being Green

I love thrifting and buying second hand as much as possible! It's a great way to be kind to our Earth and you can usually find some amazing pieces! Giving everything a second home and upcycling is a such a fantastic alternative to buying something new. I've even gained a few new skills by becoming more eco friendly and I can't wait to learn even more!

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