Capture the Nature in Spring

Capture the Nature in Spring

The event has ended on April 14th, 2023.

We are very grateful for your active participation and for sharing out your photos with everyone. As the long winter is over and spring comes full of hope and awakening, everything means rebirth as the flowers bloom, and bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds appear. We capture the perfect moments through photos and see the nature in different zones and from different perspectives through your sharing. Spend more time with nature, relax, and feel the changes and power of nature.

Connecting with nature in April

April is a great time to get outside, and capturing the beauty of nature as it wakes up from its winter slumber are all great ways to reduce stress and improve your physical and mental health. So grab your camera, take a deep breath and snap a few pictures ready to witness the magic and capture the beauty of this special time of year. The uploaded photos will be used by LUSH & DEW and we will feature them on our website.


April's Spring Gallery


@JanirMy mini succulent border!
@Ashley0718 - Planting with the dog!
@marylu88 - Spring Flowers
@Ryan_26 - Hummingbird (Ruby Throated) [Male].
@PHIFFERJ - Spring is in the air!
 @cakester126 - Getting ready for my garden.

@DevinJohns - This was our September garden before winter came!

 @peterkachian - On the porch with my pooch! - Sunflowers

@sbrennan - What's for dinner tonight?

 @Daniel Hawkins - Caterpillar in my butterfly garden.

@Tacarlson - The best part of spring gardening for Ivon is finding worms!

@Ric - The beauty of scary gardening.

@kvoight - First orchid bloomed of the lot!

@13ledwards - My late mother planted these many decades ago and as of 4/20/22 I have been tending to them.

@drgnldy812 - The first picture is of my weeping cherry tree, right before a thunderstorm came through making the sky a crazy color. This is my favorite tree on our property <3
The second picture is my azalea bush. When we moved into our home 17 years ago, it was a dead twig. After much love, it has thrived.

@BayCityAmber - Getting my garden started! Have two tomato plants in so far.

@dotmin - Lunch time.

@WELSMA - This unusual rust colored iris first appeared in my aunt's garden in Alabama, then traveled to California, where it now lives quite happily in my yard.

@cbond58 - My lillys.

@shannonmarie.44 - Spring is in Bloom.

@Irishqueen7619 - Weeping willow bonsai tree I planted.

@janejett - What I saw at my moms house.

@MaMaD - Huey, dewey, and Louie.

@Carol hammond - Spring in Kansas!

@mgkamish - Springtime in Houston.

 @Sammie bee - Hello Deer. I am just taken a stroll.


@Aliewahl - Love from my love.

@paulasuedins - Love harvest time, almost as much as planting, and caring for the plants!

@Mike - Hyacinths.

@elijah.takeover25 - Spring time garden starting with my fur babies.

@lrunkle - Natural Moments in Spring.

@Up4chalng - Parts of my huge garden :)

@LovelyBlue43 - My favorite visitor...

@Ryan_26 - My Garden.

@lightnorthwinds - Bleeding Heart.

@Lilblupixie - Nature's Gift.

@justvickie1034 - Love the desert.

@Spirit Wilson - My garden last year!

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